The power of a dream is realized when the dreamer turns those dreams into vision and Princess Power is turning vision into a global platform in a major way.

Dr. Princess Fumi Stephanie Hancock is a visionary, serial entrepreneur, America’s Global Vision™, and Self-Care Midwife.TM She weaves her education as a Psych-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner into characters within her bestselling books as well as into her mentoring approach.

As a life strategist, she also leverages her online school to complement her programs. Her recent undertaking is the Storyteller Bistro—a platform for sharing life stories that debuted the new quarterly magazine I Am A Master Storyteller: Master Your Millions™.

Her own story begins with a dream turned vision and continues to expand into digital global platforms. Born into Nigerian royalty—Emure Kingdom, Southwestern region, her childhood dream was to write books, make movies, and design clothing. This made it easy for her to agree with her father’s demand to travel to America to further her post-graduate studies. Little did her father know that she was shifting continents to make a name for herself.

Fueled by the possibilities of her vision, she hid her royal title and decided to remain in the United States to pursue her dreams. Known as Stephanie to her American friends, she started a saga that’s still being written.

Along the many paths of discovery in education as well as her literary success, she married, raised a family, added two divergent doctorate degrees—Strategic Communications in the Workplace and Behavioral Health, directed documentaries, established a social community, and found fame. However, her royal duties tugged at her heart.

Two pivotal advents persuaded Princess Fumi to finally accept her royal responsibilities to help her people. When her uncle, the reigning King, His Royal Majesty Emmanuel Adebayo, visited her in 2010, the capital of the Emure Kingdom was named a sister city to Spring Hill, Tennessee. She finally disclosed her royal heritage to her American friends, thus birthing The Princess of Suburbia® brand.

Like her “deep freezer” story, Princess Fumi’s life has had many twirls. She was married at 24, divorced at 26, homeless thereafter, and refused to go back home because of shame and guilt. Her saving grace during the darkness was her two sons who saved her from suicide.

What is extraordinary about this dynamic dream weaver is her relentless effort in defying the odds. When she was told she couldn’t make it to Hollywood, she defied that by making movies which earned Hollywood awards and hired Hollywood stars like Malik Yoba, Tommy “Tiny” List, and Nollywood Golden boy, John Dumelo.

Princess Fumi’s dream for designing clothing adds yet another facet to the visionary’s global brand and platform. Her belief that every woman deserves to experience a taste of couture at affordable pricing in a classy way is based on her personal motto, “Every Woman is a Princess™.” Her fashion line, The Princess of Suburbia® Collection, dares women to be bold, elegant, youthful, alluring, and edgy.

Her solid foundation upon which everything else stands is her faith in God, prayer, and tenacity to fulfill her calling. The next major announcement for the princess who came to America is the celebration of her ordination as a minister. This new title defines the marketplace ministry she has been providing to help people heal, live out their purpose, and share their stories to the world.

Edited by Kira Ming

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