Hailing from the Borough of Manhattan and raised in New Jersey,Hip Hop sensation Miranda Writes sat down with Compulsive Magazine for an exclusive interview.

In our sit down Miranda spoke about how she spent most of her time in New York City so you know her style isn’t just limited to one area. Considered by many as the birthplace of Hip Hop, New York also served as the birthplace of many of her own dreams.

In addition to bringing beauty to the game, Miranda brings music that transcends from stage to stage. Miranda is the very first female MC to cross over into the snowboard market, and she can be found rocking on the side of a mountain with the same ease that she rocks a microphone.

The Hip Hop industry has become somewhat saturated, so it’s refreshing to come across someone that brings something unique to the table. Her self-titled track, “MW Anthem”, was actually inspired by the slopes and it took off with incredible sponsorship potential. This track in particular has an extremely universal sound, with cadences you don’t hear very often. The anthem furiously spread throughout social media as a result of it being shared by numerous professional snowboarders and athletes.

Since Miranda Writes is certainly considered a product of “The Concrete Jungle,” I was curious to find out what peaked her interest in snowboarding. The interesting story is that her father had a few friends who were heavy into snow sports. One winter day he came home and told Miranda that they’d been invited to hit the slopes. Her first attempt was at skiing, then she went back the following day, decided to try snowboarding and the rest is history. She’s been snowboarding ever since.

Miranda is a fresh face to many, but she’s no freshman to the game. My first encounter with Miranda Writes was witnessing her perform as a headliner at the Universal Hip Hop Museum’s Women of Hip Hop Celebration in Harlem.

The event was a celebration honoring female musical legends, and I was immediately intrigued by both her sound and style. My sentiment was that if you can rock with the greats then you can rock amongst anyone and she definitely held her own. Embodying the organic NYC swag, she is not your average Hip Hop Artist. Her message is as natural as her presentation.

In our sit down Miranda explained how she began to transform her written poetry into Hip Hop lyrics during her high school years. This ultimately began her career. Her musical influences range from Eminem to Wu-tang Clan, as well as a few newer artists. Miranda also expressed that she feels people are more alike than they are different.

In a world that seems to be all about separation, her positive viewpoint is truly what’s needed not just within music, but within society. She believes telling her own truth through music is one of the best ways to connect with her audience.

“Getting people to love each other, teaching others to love themselves, to dig deep, and spreading good energy,” is what she stands by.

On the fashion tip, Miranda broke down how she likes to dress up with her heels but is equally as happy wearing her sweatpants and a “fitted”(cap). If you view enough of her footage, you’re likely to see her wearing them all together.

“Am I in my own skin, or am I trying to live in someone else’s?” This is the question Miranda suggests that her audience asks themselves.

“Be your own self, not what someone else wants you to be. Only by being yourself will you ever be able to make a difference,” is her stance. She feels like her purpose is bigger than her and she expressed that if she can uplift as many women as possible, then her mission is accomplished.

“The reality of getting older and coming to terms with the importance of money is fundamental,” she feels. Miranda shared with me how basic life requirements such as food, shelter, and electricity were a few factors that heavily influenced her Summer 2017 Smash Single, The Money.

The video for this song, which was recently released, has already been viewed around half a million times. She’s already experiencing a great deal of success because her music is not only dope, but relatable.

Miranda Writes has been working on projects all summer with multiple new releases around the corner – I presume

in-between classes, as she is also a college student. That’s right – brains too. Elements such as authenticity, diversity, uniqueness, originality, and passion have been missing from the game for quite some time, but we can certainly find all of these thing within Miranda’s music.

If you’re ready to tap into an artist that doesn’t sound like anyone else then look no further. Second to none, in a lane all her own Miranda Writes is cruising up the highway of success, and taking us along for the ride!

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